FREEVISION Vilta Gimbal 2in1 For GoPro

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FREEVISION Vilta Gimbal GoPro Hero Suitable for GoProUltra-high  stabilityManual & follow controlStepless joystickUser-Friendly AppAuto CalibrationDouble battery management Suitable for GoPro The bottom of the dome is equipped with a quick folding c…
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FREEVISION Vilta Gimbal GoPro Hero

  • Suitable for GoPro
  • Ultra-high  stability
  • Manual & follow control
  • Stepless joystick
  • User-Friendly App
  • Auto Calibration
  • Double battery management

Suitable for GoPro The bottom of the dome is equipped with a quick folding connection port, suitable for GoPro original accessories.Supported Cameras: GoPro Hero3/3+, Hero 4, Hero5, Hero6

Easy to control 360 degrees infinite pan rotation for amazing panoramic  shots and selfies.

Ultra-high  stability VILTA has extremely fast response speed and high control precision, which achieves an image stability exponentially higher than competitive products. The ultra-high stability of VILTA gives you spect-acular cinematic movement in the palm of your hand.

Manual & follow control Supports Manual Control of the pan-tilt angle. And the direction of shooting can be manually adjusted

Stepless joystick Equipped with a Stepless Joystick thumb controller, with adjustable speed and sensitivity for a personalized user experience.

User-Friendly App he new interactive experience of the smart APP covers all the features from  GoPro App. The GoPro camera parameters can be set in detail,  without switching back and forth between the two Apps.

Auto Calibration Without complicated calibration procedures, VILTA applies its own patented adaptive sensor algorithm and intelligent calibration system. Adaptive sensor. Patented.

Double battery management The gimbal base battery and handle battery are independent intelligent battery management systems. The Smart Battery System (SBS), can accurately manage the battery power and extend the battery life. It effectively prevents the battery overheating, over-current, under voltage, and spontaneous combustion. This highly efficient dual battery system provides a long battery life of up to 8-9 hours.

Why a gimbal? It exists to eliminate all bumps in footage. VILTA applies the most advanced motor control algorithm and IMU control algorithm. It increases the stability and reliability to an unprecedented height, to truly resolve the challenges faced in the past of the shaky, unstable footage from action cameras, and captures extremely smooth imagery even under circumstances of severe shaking.

EAN: 6970889190113

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FREEVISION Vilta Gimbal 2in1 For GoPro
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