Playboy CD Jukebox Limited Edition

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THE PLAYBOY STORY IN A JUKEBOX Only 20 produced worldwide! VERY LIMITEDSince 1953 Playboy has been a tastemaker, an arbiter of style and a vanguard for political, sexual and economic freedom for more than 62 years. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, Califor…
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  • Only 20 produced worldwide! VERY LIMITED

Since 1953 Playboy has been a tastemaker, an arbiter of style and a vanguard for political, sexual and economic freedom for more than 62 years. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, Playboy Enterprises Inc. publishes Playboy Magazine in the United States and abroad and creates content for distribution via television networks, websites, mobile platforms and radio. Playboy consumer products are sold in more than 180 countries. The Rabbit Head Logo, one of the top 20 brands in the world, and ranked amongst giants such as Nike, Disney and McDonald's, continues to fuel the future of Playboy and their global expansion. Playboy Enterprises Inc. brings the iconic Playboy lifestyle to innovative products and experiences for global consumers.


  1. Best quality walnut, satinwood, alder and poplar hardwoods.
  2. 6 Bubble Tubes.
  3. Custom built industrial mechanism, amplifier and computer.
  4. Bluetooth for streaming wireless music.
  5. Motor driven full color cylinders.
  6. Including Remote Control.
  7. Available as CD Jukebox and Music Center Jukebox.


Music and pleasure have always gone together and this jukebox is the perfect symbiosis, creating a statement of pleasure and sophistication. It's a beautiful piece of craftmanship and the ultimate nostalgic expression of an iconic brand. Available as a 100 CD player jukebox with a unique backplate with gold glitter finishes. The speaker fabric is a sparkling red velvet and emphasizes the richness and warmth of the jukebox. Handcrafted woodworks are made from high quality walnut, satinwood, alder and poplar hardwoods. The impressive amplifier and its 5-speaker system will enhance your music experience. CD Player and USB port for easy upload.

Special features:

  • 100 CD Capacity Magazine
  • Custom title cards with Playboy logo
  • Philips CD Player
  • Self-Adjusting Laser
  • 2 x 400 Watts Amplifier
  • 5-Speaker, Dual 3-Way System for "Live" Performance Reproduction
  • External Speaker Connections
  • Dual volume controls for jukebox and external speakers
  • Bluetooth for streaming wireless music
  • Remote Control included
  • Durable and energy efficient LED lighting
  • Limited Edition. Only 20 built worldwide
  • Electrical: 90-250 Volts (50/60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 60"H x 33"W x 27"D (160H x 85W x 70D cm)
  • Weight: 300 lbs. approx. (136 kg)
  • Approved RoHS, FCC and CE


We would like to start with a personal message to Hugh Hefner. "Our dearest Hugh Hefner, thank you for your hospitality during our visit to your Mansion last year 29th of June. We had a great time shooting pictures for the Iconic Playboy Jukebox and we do hope you enjoyed your Playboy Jukebox as much as we had fun making it! Thank you for this unforgettable experience. Rest in peace, your legacy will live on forever." For Ricatech it was a great honor working together with Playboy Enterprises for over 2 years creating this very exclusive and Iconic Playboy Jukebox. When we visited the Playboy Mansion last year we knew the shoot and the production of the Playboy Jukebox was going to be special. It was our vision putting that special feeling into the making of the Jukebox, a combination of craftsmanship and respect for Hugh Hefner and Playboy. We were one of the last people that have been on The Playboy Mansion while it was still owned by Hugh Hefner, because it was sold 2 months after our visit. Also, the Playboy Jukebox was the last commercial activity related product entered The Playboy Mansion… You can understand that we consider The Iconic Playboy Jukebox as the ultimate Tribute to Hugh Hefner.

  • The Iconic Playboy Jukebox is exclusively designed and built in cooperation with Playboy Enterprises USA.
  • Only 20 produced worldwide!
  • Each jukebox has its unique limited edition number. #CD19 is in Playboy's collection.
  • Including the certificate of authenticity.

Ricatech has been a pioneer in the electronics market for almost a decade. Starting as a manufacturer and supplier of MP3 players and audio fidelity, Ricatech has grown to become the largest supplier and manufacturer of nostalgic, retro and vintage audio electronics in Europe. Ricatech's high quality handcrafted jukeboxes and turntables reflect the American history and combines yesterday's feeling with today's technology. Ricatech is constantly developing new models and accessories that meet the demand for the market and cooperate with many professional partners. Ricatech is the worldwide exclusive licensee of the Playboy jukeboxes. This jukebox with its dancing bubbles and rotating cylinders with vintage Playboy bunnies reflects the free American spirit of Playboy. Now you can own a part of "American History".

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Playboy CD Jukebox Limited Edition
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