Blackvue - DR 900S-1ch 32GB - Car Recording Camera

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Blackvue DR 900S-1ch 32GB Car Recording Camera 4K Dashcam DR900S 1CH 32GBAdvanced compression technology Built-in GPS and Dual-band Wi-Fi Built-in shock and motion detector Blackvue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows / Mac) Intelligent parking contro…
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Blackvue DR 900S-1ch 32GB Car Recording Camera

4K Dashcam DR900S 1CH 32GB
Advanced compression technology Built-in GPS and Dual-band Wi-Fi Built-in shock and motion detector Blackvue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows / Mac) Intelligent parking control 4K UHD car camera connected to the cloud

4K UHD Dashcam 4K UHD is four times as many pixels as Full HD *. It is a big difference and it is clearly seen. Registration signs can be seen more clearly and further away. In addition, you do not need a 4K screen to enjoy 4K video clips. Even on a Full HD screen, you can zoom in much further without any visible pixelation. * HD = 1280 × 720 pixels (0.92 million pixels); Full HD = 1920 × 1080 (2.07 million pixels) = 2.25 x HD pixel number 4K UHD = 3840 × 2160 (8.29 million pixels) = 4 x Full HD or 9 x HD pixel number The best compression technique Along with the usual H.264 code is the DR900S series H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), the leading standard in 4K recording and broadcasting. With H.265, 4K UHD video file size is equivalent to Full HD H.264. In other words, you get 4 times larger and better pictures without sacrificing the recording time.

Built-in GPS and Dual Band Wi-Fi Speed: Speed data is superimposed in the video (can be turned off in settings). You can set the speed display in kilometers per kilometer. hour (Km / h) or Miles per hour time (Mph). Location: Visualize your car's location in the BlackVue app or Viewer's Map. Fast Transfer to Your Phone with 5 GHz Wi-Fi Dual Band 2.4-5GHz Wi-Fi allows you to download car camera videos to a smartphone at high speed and enable features via the cloud via an internet-connected Wi-Fi network. With BlackVue's Sub Stream technology, you can download Quick Play versions of the original videos for even faster review. Built-in shock and motion detector While driving, your BlackVue detects shocks and sudden speed changes. While parked, it also detects movements *. Video files are selected so you can easily find the relevant in the BlackVue Viewer for Windows and Mac OS or

BlackVue App for Android and iOS. (*) When recording parking mode, an external power supply (Power Magic Battery Pack) or Power Magic Pro (Power Magic Pro) is required. Blackvue App (iOS, Android) and Viewer (Windows / Mac) Both the BlackVue app and Viewer can be downloaded freely. They let you easily change your BlackVue configuration settings and browse your videos intuitively. With the BlackVue app, you can connect to BlackVue in Wi-Fi to access files and control real-time Live View for easy installation and placement of your car camera

Blackvue over the cloud Connect to your BlackVue anytime, anywhere in the world with BlackVue over the cloud. Enjoy remote control Live View and Push messages for your phone. Play and download videos from your camcorder's memory or cloud, anywhere. Enjoy two-way voice communication with the driver from the app via BlackVue's integrated speakers and microphone.

Intelligent Parking Mode Monitoring * Get the peace of mind by knowing that your car is protected while away from it. BlackVue automatically switches to parking mode to monitor your parked vehicle, but only writes to the memory card when something happens (motion or shock / stroke). Thanks to the video buffer, it also records a few seconds before the recording starts. Parking Mode Voice Messages: When leaving parking mode, BlackVue tells about events that were recorded when you were away from your car so you can immediately check the videos on the BlackVue app.

Scheduled Restart: Schedule a daily automatic restart (optional - by default at night) to minimize any errors. Restart occurs only if the car camera is in parking mode and does not write data to the microSD card. This means that no normal run, event or parking condition can be interrupted during a scheduled restart.

Very Discreet: With the BlackVue DR900S series you can completely turn off all LED indicators in the parking mode. Only the recording diode indicator against the car's interior flashes when movement or shock is detected.


  • Model Name: DR900S–1CH
  • EAN: 8809352130012
  • Color/Size/Weight: Black / Width 118.5 mm x Height 36 mm/88 g
  • Memory microSD Card (32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB)
    Recording Modes Normal recording, Event recording (when impact is detected in normal and parking mode), Manual recording and Parking recording (when motion is detected) * For Parking mode recording, a Parking Mode Battery Pack (Power Magic Battery Pack) or a Parking Mode Hardwiring Kit (Power Magic Pro) is required.
  • Camera 8-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
  • Sensor 3-Axis Acceleration Sensor
  • Backup Battery Built-in super capacitor 
  • Input Power DC 12 V – 24 V (DC Plug:  (Ø3.5 x Ø1.35), MAX 1 A/12 V) 
  • Power Consumption Avg. 280 mA (3.36 W at 12 V, when GPS is On and Wi-Fi is Off) Avg. 260 mA (3.12 W at 12 V, when GPS and Wi-Fi are Off)

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Blackvue - DR 900S-1ch 32GB - Car Recording Camera
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