Jack plugs and sound cables – great selection

Jack plugs and sound cables – great selection


Sound. One of life’s small joys – of course, if you have the proper sound cables. Whether you are involved with sound professionally or as a hobby, quality of your cables and adapters are essential to achieve good sound and joy. At Coolshop, we do our best to offer a wide selection of sound cables and music accessories, so you have everything you need for the next party, concert or road trip – whether it is a jack plug for the computer, sound cables for guitar or mini-jack for the car. We hope you find the sound cables you need, so that you can finally start with guitar or DJ booth!


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Sound cables and music accessories with high volume for low price

As mentioned, at Coolshop we offer a big selection of cables and adapters. It means that we often get a big shopping cart when we buy music accessories from our suppliers. Buying big means small prices – and for that reason we can proudly offer you a big selection of sound cables and other accessories for best prices on the market!

The devilish jack plug – the always unexpected party-killer

You know how it goes. The private party, the prospect of which has kept you alive in the office for weeks. The private party, because of which the Spotify playlist has received at least as much love as your girlfriend in the last week. A party, where the worst that can happen is problems with sound.

So you glance sceptically at Lars, the self-proclaimed “sound man”, since he, five minutes before the party starts, comes with his sound equipment of the past century. His adapters and sound cables are brutally pressed down into an old green plastic box, but the look of an old crumpled jack plug especially causes high-pitched sounds in your ears and flashy spots in your eyes. But you take a deep breath, count to ten – and then it turns out that the jack plug, in spite of everything, still delivers Smooth Operator that once more becomes a hit at the dinner table.

Time goes. Everything is well. Rocazinos ‘All my love’ is playing and you have tasted a Gin & Tonic with cucumber slices. The spots in your eyes have turned into stars and you cannot wish for more. Slouched over the makeshift DJ booth, you are about to give Lars the Soundman a compliment for “charm in the old gear, you know, vintage jack, cables and stuff”, when the speaker gives out a loud bang, followed by a constant buzzing: Zhmmm. Lars is frantically fumbling with the sound cables, which most probably come form his youth in the 90’s. He changes to a dual jack plug. Then a mini-jack. Trying an adapter, and so on. Nothing works. The majority agrees that maybe it is better to listen to toned down music from the computer: “It is also almost midnight”. You keep your silence. Take a sip of your gin & tonic. You like lemons more anyways…

Update the jack plug and other sound cables before the damage is done

Yeah… If you have read all up to now, we both know, what time it is. Update the jack plug or other sound cables before the damage is done. It can cost you a good party otherwise.

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